Frequently asked questions:

    How do you get paid?

    In most case commissions are paid by suppliers, cruise lines, hotels, car rentals etc.

    What services do I have to pay fees for?

    For domestic air only request the fee starts at $20, for international airfare the fees starts at $40 (I book net rates which will save money in most cases). If you want a specialized vacation that requires extensive research, a fee can be negotiated.

    Do I have to pay for my vacation at time of booking?

    If you book early, there will be a deposit required only. Approximately within two months of travel dates, the final payment will be due. You can make as many payments on your vacation as you wish.

    Can you book travel for less money than on the internet travel sites?

    In most cases yes. Depending on destination, there can be a considerable savings.
    The key is finding the contracted airfare and hotel rates to save clients money.

    What if I have time share to use?

    You can still book a fly and drive package for most destinations and save money. For a foreign destination, airfare is booked using consolidators, which offer net rates or contracted rates which could save you money.

    What if I have air miles I want to use?

    Land only packages can be booked and recommendations will be based on what gives you the best value.

    When is the best time to travel when there are less crowds?

    Fall months, first two weeks of December and January, May.

    I want to travel during school breaks, when is the best time to book it?

    Plan early for the best price and selection. For some destinations and cruises, it may be advised to book as early as possible.

    I see cruises for 75% off, how is that possible?

    It how they are marketed, pricing a cruise high so you can give bigger discounts. The key is finding the best value for your vacation budget.